There is no doubting that Trevelyan’s success has been borne out of providing a high quality self drive horsebox hire service based on our unrivalled attention to customer service.

Here’s a brief run down on the added services which Trevelyan offers.

Why Hire A Horsebox?

The most common question we hear from enquiries is…how does this work then? It’s simple. Just as simple as the process of hiring any vehicle. You’ll need to give us a rough idea of the dates you have in mind and what type of horsebox you need. Then you simply need to choose your nearest depot to pick the vehicle up from and you’re pretty much on your way.

So why hire a horsebox when you can own one outright? Here are the top headline reasons from our customers on why to hire a horsebox – and in particular to hire from Trevelyan Self Drive Horsebox Hire…

Cost Savings

We know the expense in keeping a horsebox on the road just as much as you do. When using our self-drive horsebox hire service, you travel around in a top quality horsebox at a fraction of the cost of ownership.

Customer Service Guarantee

We guarantee that you won’t find a better service provided by Trevelyan anywhere in the UK.


You get the use of a horsebox whenever you want and you don’t have the inconvenience of having the box sitting redundant on your driveway for months on end.

Customer Service

A term which is easily banded around and rarely lived up to by many other companies. We solely exist to make your life easier. Test us!

Fully Comp Insurance

For peace of mind, just in case, for our sanity? Whatever the reason, we’ve got it covered so there’s no need to worry!

24 hr Roadside Relay

Travelling with your horse can be stressful enough, not only for yourself. Nothing could be worse than being stuck on the side of a motorway with your horse…never a worry…inclusive of all prices quoted too.

Vehicle Servicing

All of the Trevelyan hire horseboxes are religiously serviced…should avoid the need for the roadside relay!

No Branding

We don’t cover our horseboxes with Trevelyan branding. That would mean you’d be driving around with a big ‘not mine’ sign on the side. When you hire a horsebox from us, it’s yours for the period of the hire; and it’ll feel like yours.

Full Tank of Fuel

When you collect the horsebox we fill up the tank so that it is full from the off. No need to go hunting for a petrol station the moment you get on the road and before you’re used to driving a new horsebox.

Sanitised Stalls

Between every single hire, each of our vehicles’ stalls are fully sanitised. We’re horse owners and we know the importance of a happy healthy horse.

Interior Cleaned

Why should the horses have all of the privileges?! We clean the horsebox inside and out between each hire too.

Horsebox Features

We chose only the very best manufacturers for our horseboxes, we currently use Marlborough Hunter 2 stall 3.5tonne Horseboxes

Competitive Pricing

We’re keen to make our service accessible to all – not just the privileged minority. Therefore, we keep our prices in line with whatever competitors there may be out there and we ensure that we’re also giving value for money to you.

Security Issues

Security is never a worry with Trevelyan. Each of our vehicles is fitted with a tracking device, the horseboxes have secure lockers for all of your tack and if you’d like to leave your car at one of our depots…they’re secure too!

Prices & Privileges

There are no hidden extras when you hire a horsebox from Trevelyan. We’re up front about what you may be charged for and all of the amazing privileges listed above come inclusive of the prices we advertise and quote directly to you.