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Here you’ll find the most frequently asked questions about Trevelyan and our services. If you’ve got a query, have a scan to find the solution. If it isn’t answered below, drop us a line and we’ll be more than happy to help.

1. Must I provide my own insurance cover to drive the horsebox?

No, insurance is provided as part of the package and is fully comprehensive.


2. What age must you be to drive the horsebox?

You must be between the ages of 23 and 70 in order to comply with the available insurance policy. The excess for the horsebox insurance is £500.


3. What type of driving license do I need?

Contrary to popular belief, you are only required to hold a Full UK driving license.


4. Do we get roadside assistance if we breakdown?

Yes, in the unlikely event that the horsebox breaks down, you will be provided with 24 hour roadside relay through a nationwide roadside rescue organisation; this is covered as part of the insurance policy provided.


5. Can another person drive the vehicle other than the named driver?

The only person who is covered by the insurance policy is the named driver, whose driving license we have received a copy of. We can, however, contact the insurance company to look into the possibility of insuring another driver, but this will be down to the discretion of the insurance company and may incur further charges.


6. Will my horse(s) need to be insured?

Yes, it is necessary that your horse(s) be insured and that we have details of this insurance policy sent to us upon request. It is possible to insure your horse(s) via Gold membership of the British Horse Society.


7. What security features does the horsebox have?

Our Horseboxes are fitted with immobilisers or tracking devices or both.


8. Do we need to put fuel into the horsebox?

We will provide you with the first full tank of diesel and then it is up to you to refill it. We also ask that you return the box with a full tank of diesel and that you never allow the fuel tank to be less than a quarter full, as this can lead to mechanical fault.


9. Are there any specific times for collecting and returning the horsebox?

The horsebox is hired up to a 24 hour period or longer if pre-arranged. Collection times are between Mondays to Saturday: From 7.30am earliest and 7.30pm latest same or next day etc. Sunday: 9am to 6pm. There is a charge £10 per hour over any 24 hour period. However, we try to be as flexible as possible to assist you.


10. Do we need to clean the horsebox before we return it?

That is up to you! We ask that if you wish to clean the vehicle that it be returned to the same level of cleanliness in which you received it. However, we do also provide a valet service if you choose not to clean the box, we will do so at a price of £20.00 for the two stall horseboxes.


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